16 August 2007

A long time coming ...

After tossing around the idea, discussing with colleagues and others, I've finally done it. I started a blog. Resistance is futile, as they say.

This isn't the first time I've ever "blogged". I manage the blog for an organization called Science Commons - a project of Creative Commons. Entries vary from press releases and news bits, to announcements, and interesting news from our community. It aims to be more informative than snarky and chatty, catering to our demographic of academics, members of the funding community and others in the sciences. I'd like to think it succeeds at doing so, but nevertheless, I needed an outlet to write about those areas I'm most passionate about, articles that attract my attention and other news from the conference circuit in a less formal way.

Hence, why I'm here. The opinions expressed here are solely my own (unless otherwise stated) and don't reflect those of my colleagues, albeit often influenced by my day-to-day work at SC.

So with that said, welcome to "sniffing the beaker" ... this officially concludes post #1.

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