07 September 2007

Drawing on walls

For those wordsearch fanatics out there (me being one of them) ... Wordsearch Wallpaper, brought to you by 5.5 designers. Simply amazing.

This brings me back to my childhood, not just because of the countless hours in a car on family road trips, but reminds me of my older brothers' wall decorations. An entire wall of their room was covered in a maze with 70's cartoon space figures and other creatures, all done in a burnt orange color scheme that matched the burnt orange shag carpet. (No, I'm not kidding. My room had a nice blue shag, fwiw.) The maze lacked a start or end point, just a mess of tunnels amassing the entire wall of their shared bedroom.

To this day, you can still see the pencil marks towards the bottom half of the wall where my older (not so much wiser at this point, looking back) brother had started the maze, half believing my parents put the wallpaper up with the intention that he had to finish it before he could move out of the house.

Needless to say, he soon realized this wasn't their intention ... after being scolded for marking up the newly applied wallpaper. :) And that was that.

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