10 October 2008

Delving into unknown territory - Ruby

Yes, you read that right.

I've decided to take a stab at learning rudimentary programming in Ruby, to help broaden my understanding of taxonomies and programming syntax in general - as the first step towards increasing my technical understanding.

So far, I can successfully use my Terminal app to do basic math, and say "Kaitlin is the coolest."

That's skill.

No, but seriously, as silly as this all sounds, I don't come from a technical background, hence the need to help build up my own base knowledge on not only programming, but ontologies, taxonomies, RDF etc.

The road is not easy, my friend ... but entertaining for the skilled to watch ;)

(By the way, any suggestions for additional tutorials are welcome. Time to put myself back to school - metaphorically speaking ... )


  1. You gotta start here


    Fun and quirky, but taught me a lot.

    Should I start talking to you in IRB now?

  2. thanks, deepak :) also now doing (very, very basic) rudimentary work in protege. channeling my inner tech guru ...

  3. Howdy Kaitlin!

    When I teach new programmers to program, I use Python instead of Ruby. They're both reasonably good starting languages, but there's a lot more Python experience inside Creative Commons, so it might be easier to annoy us with questions. (In fact, I do love hearing questions from new programmers!)

    The book I'm using for a San Francisco community class I'm teaching is available for free (and Free as in GFDL) at http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/thinkpython.html .

    So that's what I suggest.

    -- Asheesh.


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