05 January 2009

Open Science@PSB -- participating virtually

So, right now, I was slated to be in sunny and warm (emphasis on the warm) Kohala Coast, Hawaii - prepping for a day of Open Science discussion at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. Due to a certain financial crisis, I sadly had to back out of this commitment. Thankfully, with the help of Cameron Neylon and some social networking tools, the abridged version of the presentation is up now -- hopefully serving as a stimulus for conversation surrounding our principles of Open Science.

To download the presentation or to learn more about the event, click here. You can also view the PDF version online on my slideshare page. Thanks again to Cameron and Shirley for their hard work in putting this together. I wish I could be there. Boston's like a giant ice rink ;) Oh, New England.

The organizers have set up a variety of ways to join the conversation virtually, from video to FriendFeed channels. I encourage you all to participate, and look forward to hearing more about the event. As always, please feel free to contact me re: the presentation or to join the discussion. This is only the beginning of the dialogue, a very important one to have.

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