07 April 2009

ROFLDNA up for sale, proceeds to the commons

Prepare yourself for a heavy dose of awesome. In perhaps the most clever Science Commons fundraiser launched by a third party, the folks over at breadpig and DNA11 have brought us ROFLDNA - a set of leading Internet personalities' DNA and autographs, all being auctioned on eBay. And the best part, all proceeds will go to Science Commons.

Among some of the famous Internet superstars out there (is that the correct way to describe? help me characterize) we have Jay "TRON Guy" Maynard, MC Frontalot and the man behind Chuck Norris Facts - Ian Spector, among others. They've all lent their DNA to the cause - to help make scientific research more efficient through our work here at Science Commons.

And I do have to say, I have to agree with the tagline for the site ... this is some deoxyriboneucleic awesome.

What's even more incredible about this is that is shows how far modern technology and collaboration have gone to drastically lower the costs and barriers to DNA synthesis and synthetic biology. The iGEM competition is a leading example I've pointed to in the past, showing the potential out there for the remix culture in the sciences. Hell, we even own a DNA Explorer Kit (his name's "Dean Nay" ... say it fast, see if you get the nerd humor) that we proudly display in the office. Times they are a changing and the potential for explosions of innovation isn't coming. It's here. Many thanks to the people behind this for yet another incredible example of this, and here's hoping we get some bids. ;)

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