19 October 2009

Data sharing: a look at the issues - Trieste

Here is the second talk of last week, again at "Scientific Information in the Digital Age: Access and Information" at the ICTP, Trieste. The week-long workshop was hosted by the ICTP, eIFL and UNESCO.

The talk below refers to the presentation last Wednesday (14 Oct) on Creative Commons and knowledge sharing, largely highlighting our Open Access policy and how that applies to not only content, but biological materials and data.

The application of FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open) licenses for data can often have the opposite effect over the data, breaking interoperability and making larger barriers to entry for researchers to use and reuse information. The presentation below looks at the legal, technical and semantic issues to keep in mind.

Overall, the audience was made up of representatives from developing countries, chosen by UNESCO. Bandwidth and access are their main concerns, and even moving beyond an idea of access consisting of available online to additional permissions echoed in the BBB definitions of OA is a huge task. The talk below stressed those points, and also the need to keep such issues in mind as steps are made to build systems to accommodate their needs as the digital divide is (hopefully) lessened. Video available here, in the 10-10:59 block after Andres under 16 Oct.

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