14 November 2009

Hipatia issue on Open Access

I'm currently in San Jose, Costa Rica, for aCCCeso - a seminar on creativity, community and science. The event was held from 11-13 November and largely featured representatives from Latin American countries such as Nicaragua, to Peru, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, etc. My colleague Eric Steuer (Creative Director, Creative Commons) joined me from the States to talk about some of our work at Creative Commons. Stay tuned for more about the event in the coming weeks.

On to Hipatia. Early in 2009 I was asked to contribute to an issue of Hipatia, a resource out of ONG Derechos Digitales in Chile. The issue is dedicated to Open Access and the need for more efficient knowledge sharing. Seeing Claudio (Ruiz) from CC Chile this week reminded me of it, and it looks like it came out in February.

So here it is, better late than never :) Many thanks to those at Derechos Digitales for compiling this very important issue. Outstanding work.

(And slides for this past week's presentation are now posted, as well.)

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